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No 90 Lambanyi
Street in Republic of Guinea, Conakry,
p.o box 168 osu.
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to advertise the availability of our main product, alluvial gold in bulk quantities and also in bars. We represent a large number of local artisan miners, and also have our own mining site in eastern part of Conakry, We are prepared to provide quantities of up to 200 kilo grams of 23.7 carat alluvial gold monthly.
Following is information concerning our product:
Quantity: 200, kilograms available monthly
Quality: 23.7. Carat alluvial Au
Origin: Guinea, Conakry, West Africa
Price: $32,000 for 23.7 carat.
$30,000 for 22 carat,
Assay reports provided by SGS Laboratories, Conakry , we are registered Gold Exporter issued by the mineral commission of Conakry, We deliver on c.i.f, delivery at your country of origin, up to your refinery. We are prepared to offer the quantity of gold required to the Buyer or their representative to where ever country he or she may reside.

If the Buyer has confirmed the quantity and the quality of the gold with their refinery, and is satisfied, then will we accept payment, by bank transfer, from the Buyer bank to our bank here in Guinea, Conakry. And we do send samples in rare times to justify our legality,
experience, and our 15 years of our gold business around the globe.Furthermore, we currently seek partnership investors in order to increase our production capacity. We will be glad if our proposal is considered by you. We are also into diamonds (unpolished stones) from 4 carat rough diamonds to 20 carats, vvs1-vvs2-s1, colour DE.EI,EJ,DH,. Or simply unpolished stones.
Crystal clear, and carbon free. Our stones are absolutely one of the best in the West African region. Manifest will also be sent on approval for supply.
I will like to really partner with you in this gold business, instead of you buying from miners we can partner together register a mining company in Conakry and then commence mining of this gold. I have a huge land scale where we mine, and we can partner as a mining company and we agree on how profit will be shared and draw an agreement that will rule and guide the company.
We will make more money.
We will produce gold on our own.
We will have our mining company registered in our name.
We will supply to buyers all over the world.
We will be seller rather than buyers.
We will mine as many gold as we can.
We will have our mining equipments to increase mining capacity.
I will provide the entire technicality involved and we will both register a company as ours.
I will provide all beneficiaries as Guinean to the company.
Then we will acquire export license and selling license.
Then we will register as an exporting company all over the world.
You will provide only mining equipments like Excavator 330 that will be needed to mine everyday.
The profit is huge and no regrettable, and its a life time project and will run for generation to generation. It a profitable business I will be very happy if you could consider my proposal.
looking forward to your reply immediately to ( )
Yours truly,
Mr. Mohammed .F. Camara


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